Is Pea Gravel A Good Choice for Your Driveway?

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pea gravelEvery driveway deserves an upgrade, and if you are thinking of sprucing up your driveway in that long overdue DIY project, then you must be shopping for gravel. For the longest time, this has been one of the best materials to use in your driveway. First, this crushed gravel is easy to install, and second, it gives your driveway that rustic, rural feel that brings upcountry to the city. Before you shop for pea gravel, it may help to have some in-depth information about it, and if you were not aware, such simple landscaping automatically increases your home’s resell value by 14%.


How Do You Define Pea Gravel?


Pea gravel is a small stone, usually the size of a pea that is mostly found near a water body such as a creek. The gravel is often a result of natural weathering caused by the natural movement of water which gives the stones its shape and smooth texture. Some of these stones are so pretty that people use them as ornaments and to decorate their homes. Pea gravel is valuable in a variety of colors including white, grey, translucent, buff and brown. In most driveways, you will get a mixture of all the colors and textures.


Is Pea Gravel Good for Your Driveway?


The type of gravel for driveways used and whether it is suitable for your driveway depends on a few factors. For instance, if you have a wide driveway and you drive in and out a lot, using small size pea gravel will suit you best. The smaller sizes make it easy for you to drive compared to the larger size gravel available. It will also give you better aesthetics by making your driveway look more refined.


The disadvantage with the small river rock is the possibility of dislodging them off the driveway and into the nearby landscape. This is especially true if your driveway will be used a lot of times, and if you have kids who play around that area. Their interest is likely to take over as they pick up the rockery rocks in their little hands and throw them around for fascination sakes.


Larger stones will be stay put more compared to the smaller size, but they will make your driveway look haphazard, which is a down point for beauty. If functionality without charm is your idea, then this is the best option for you.


Just because small landscaping rocks are easily dislodged does not disqualify them, however. Their maintenance happens to be extremely low, which makes them perfect for any driveway and an even better extension as a sidewalk towards your house. Asphalt driveways tend to crack with time, and ill require regular coat to keep them intact. Concrete driveways also crack and chip, which will be an expense to repair.


A pea gravel driveway, on the other hand, only needs you to top up the dislodged stones and you are good to go. You do not need to call in a professional to help you since the installation is pretty straightforward. You can do it yourself with the help of your family and have your driveway up and running within the shortest time possible.


What Sizes Should You Expect?


We have said the driveway gravel usually comes in small sizes, but how small is driveway gravel exactly? A small sized pea gravel will range from 1/8 of an inch to 3/8 of an inch. Their small size, which is usually the size of a pea, is where they derive their name from. This small size is also what makes them excellent for driveways, paths, patios, and playgrounds.


To keep them intact in your driveway, use edging materials such a brick, metal edging or bender board. This will reduce the amount of travel your gravel does, which will see them serve you longer and lower your maintenance cost significantly. Mixing the gravel with dust can also help stabilize it and make it more comfortable and reduce gravel traveling.


The result of using pea gravel is beautiful, put together driveway that’s easy to install without much technical know-how.