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Crushed Gravel Delivery in Seattle

As a premier Seattle gravel dealer, our crushed rock is a basalt rock that is blue-gray in color. We do haul rock that is other colors, but please call for more information. We also carry crushed ledge rock, ⅝” clean, ⅝” chips, type 22, ¾” chip, 1″ clean, 1½” crushed drain rock, crusher run, 2″ minus, 4-8″, permeable base rock, and permeable top course.

5/8 inch rock from a gravel dealer near Seattle, WA

⅝” minus (¾” minus) is crushed rock commonly used as driveway gravel or for pathways. It contains crushed rock smaller than five eights of an inch; this includes the fines. The fine rock particles allow it to compact well, making a smooth, firm surface perfect for a driveway, parking area, pathway, walkway, or gravel road. It can also be used as backfill. It is also called crushed surfacing top course. CSTC – 9-03.9(3).

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2″ clean, 2″ chips, 2″ ballast, or Railroad Ballast.

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1¼” minus is can be used the same way as ⅝—although it is larger. 1¼” is also called crushed surfacing base course. CSBC – 9-03.9(3).

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2-4″ or 2 x 4″ or Quarry Spalls.


Contact us to request more information about our driveway gravel and crush rock deliveries.