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Landscaping Rockery Rocks in Seattle

Landscaping rock in the Seattle, WA, area

We carry rockery rock ranging in size from ½ man, 1 man, 2 man, 3 man, 4 man, and 5 man. We can deliver rock specific to your needs, whether you want wall rock for your rock wall or outcropping for your landscaping. We have ½ man and 1 man if you are moving it by hand and would like to pick up from our yard or have it delivered. We also deliver any half-man rockery up to 3 man and 4 man and larger if you are building a retaining wall or perhaps want step rocks, bench rocks, column rocks, placement rocks, or outcropping. Our rock is basalt rock and has a blue-gray color.

For over 60 years, Builders Sand and Gravel has been the premier retailer of landscaping rock in Seattle, Everett, and Bellevue, WA. We deliver anywhere in King and Snohomish Counties. As with all of our products, we serve residential and commercial customers. If yours is a small job that requires just a few stones, or large jobs requiring several truckloads, Builders Sand and Gravel has you covered.

Rockery rock is the type of landscaping rock that we specialize in. It can be used for a rock wall or a decorative garden feature, and we sell many shapes, sizes, and colors. The primary type of rockery we sell is basalt rock from the Iron Mountain Quarry in Granite Falls. It is blue-gray color with varying white veins and sparkles. We feature this rock because it is native to the area and goes well with northwest landscaping. The quarry’s close proximity to jobsites in Seattle, WA; Everett, WA; and Bellevue, WA allows us to sell this landscaping rock for a lower cost. This is a blasted/fractured rock, so it has flat sides and sharp corners. It works very well for stacking and building walls.

In addition to the blue-gray basalt rock, we sell granite, tan basalt, and large round boulders. We have cobble rock to make the look of a dried up river bed or to line your flower beds, and for rock gardens, we have lava rock and decorative pebbles. We can get any kind of rock you like, and if your project requires weathered or aged rock to match an existing rock feature, send us a picture and we can often find a rock to match what you have currently.

Builders Sand and Gravel has a retail yard in South Snohomish near Woodinville, WA where you can see the rock before and even save money and haul it yourself. Remember, we always can deliver anywhere in King or Snohomish county, so if you live in or near Seattle, Bellevue, or Everett, WA please call Builders Sand & Gravel for your landscaping rock!

Cobble Rock

Cobble Rock

Cobbles or oversize are larger “river rock.” They are used primarily for landscaping to create the look of a dried river bed or to border a flower bed or planting strip.

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