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Washed Gravel, Drainage Rock & River Rock Delivery to Seattle, Bellevue & Snohomish County

Cobbles or oversize larger "river rock" & washed gravel / drain gravel delivery to Snohomish, Eastside & Seattle. This rock is used primarily for landscaping to create the look of a dried riverbed, or to border a flower bed planting strip. Contact Builders Sand & Gravel about our  Drainage Rock delivery & Washed Gravel delivered to Seattle, Eastside & Snohomish County. 

Drain Rock & Crushed Gravel - Photo 1

1½" drain rock is the most common size of drainage gravel. It can be used for in drain systems, septic systems, French drain, landscaping gravel, or as river rock in a dry river bed.


Drain Rock & Crushed Gravel - Photo 2

¾" drain rock or ⅞" drain rock is similar to the inch and a half gravel.


Drain Rock & Crushed Gravel - Photo 3

Pea gravel is ⅜". It is similar to pipe bedding, which we also carry.


Contact us to request more information about our Seattle river rock, drain rock delivery & washed gravel deliveries.


Drain rock is valued for its use in many different drainage techniques. Here are just a few examples of water management and redirection that utilize drain rock:
  • French Drains: A French drain is a style of trench that contains a perforated pipe. The trench or hole is filled with drain rock, which allows water to easily flow towards the pipe for redirection. French drains are essential for protecting building foundations from water damage.
  • Driveways: Drain rock is sometimes used to line and support paved driveways. When used beneath and around asphalt or concrete, drain rock quickly absorbs runoff water that flows from the impermeable pavement. Since topsoil (the uppermost layer of dirt) is between two and eight inches thick, it doesn’t always absorb rain quickly. Drain rock near driveways can help prevent flooding when topsoil has become saturated.
  • Gardening: Finally, gardeners value drainage gravel for its ability to prevent soil erosion when used as a mulch. Additionally, drain rock can provide a base layer for garden beds that prevents roots from becoming over-hydrated.