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Washed Gravel, Drainage Gravel and River Rock

Cobbles or oversize are larger “river rock.” They are used primarily for landscaping to create the look of a dried river bed or to border a flower bed or planting strip.

Drain Rock & Crushed Gravel - Photo 1

1½” drain rock is the most common size of drainage gravel. It can be used for in drain systems, septic systems, French drain, landscaping gravel, or as river rock in a dry river bed.

Drain Rock & Crushed Gravel - Photo 2

¾” drain rock or ⅞” drain rock is similar to the inch and a half gravel.

Drain Rock & Crushed Gravel - Photo 3

Pea gravel is ⅜”. It is similar to pipe bedding, which we also carry.

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