3 Tips For Commercial and Residential Driveway Installation and Upkeep

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Whether you’re a homeowner or a business owner, you need to make sure you’re considering every single outdoor aspect of your property. Just because the interior of your building looks great doesn’t mean that your exterior is anything to write home about. You need to spend some time and resources improving your landscape, and the first place you should start is the driveway. 

Residential and commercial driveways are the first features of a property that people will see upon their arrival. Even if your home or business looks amazing, if the driveway is in rough shape, it’s going to take away from the overall building appearance. 

Here are some tips for having an attractive driveway: 

    1. Crushed gravel usage — When installing a new gravel driveway, it’s best to use three sizes of gravel for maximum look and performance. The bottom layer of gravel should consist of about four inches of larger size rocks; the middle layer should be between three to four inches of golf ball-size rocks; and the top layer of gravel should again be about four inches of rocks that resemble marbles.


    1. Work with professionals — If you attempt to install your driveway yourself, whether it’s for residential or commercial purposes, you run the risk of having a lesser quality product. By working with professionals, your driveway will be able to last much longer (possibly even 10 years), provided you’re staying on top of regular maintenance.


  1. Don’t forget about cleanup — Once the driveway has been constructed, far too many homeowners and commercial property owners neglect the final step: cleanup. Luckily there are skilled concrete removal services that can efficiently and effectively clear up the entire driveway consecution site. It’s equally as important to work with professional driveway installers as it is to work with skilled concrete removal workers.

If you want to learn more about removing debris from construction sites, find quality rockery rocks or sand for sand boxes, or speak with a professional concrete removal service, give Builders Sand and Gravel Inc a call today.