3 Ways to Use Landscaping Rocks Around Your Home

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landscaping rocks

Landscaping is all the rage right now. Homeowners aren’t just updating the insides of their homes, they are also sprucing up their yards. Luxury kitchens and master bathrooms are now standing alongside backyard oases to boost curb appeal for all sorts of modern homes.

Using landscaping rocks is a great way to add the extra wow factor that your yard needs. There are several different types of rocks that you can use, including rockery rocks, river rocks, crushed gravel, and washed gravel. There are so many things you can do with landscaping rocks in your yard to make it pop. Here are three of those ways.

Walk This Way On The Rocks
Do you have a great backyard but no clear way to navigate it? Maybe you have a pool or an outdoor kitchen, and you want to have a distinct path to get there. Creating a walkway with landscaping rocks is an awesome way to do just that. Choosing the size and texture for your walkway can be difficult, but just keep ease and comfort in mind.

Mulch That Flower Bed
Instead of using utility sand or wood chips to mulch your flower bed or garden, use landscaping rocks. They are much better at preventing weeds and other pesky invasive species in your garden. In fact, only one layer of one-inch thick small rocks can help provide great weed control. You also don’t have to worry about rocks blowing away in the wind like you might with sand or wood.

Any Which Way You Want!
Aside from the many practical uses of landscaping rocks, they just look so darn pretty. Instead of focusing on drainage or separation, just put them somewhere where they look good. Outline the pool or even create a cute pattern in the yard for an accent piece. Play around with colors and shapes to make your rocks look great.

Sprucing up your yard can be made easy with landscaping rocks. Small rocks, big rocks, and any size in between can be used to highlight your yard and its great features.