4 Tips For Using Landscaping Rocks to Improve Your Property

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landscaping rocks

Property owners who neglect their landscape often struggle to sell their homes for a decent price when the time comes. Similarly, those who don’t put much outdoor work in rarely spend time in their yards or enjoy the look and feel of their property at all. That’s why you should be doing everything you can to improve your outdoor property’s appearance this spring, which is the perfect time to start such projects.

Of course, landscaping could include everything from planting new shade trees to building a massive new outdoor patio. For homeowners looking for small-scale projects to get started on, utilizing rockery rocks is a great beginner’s landscaping project. Landscaping rocks — rockery rocks, pea gravel, river rocks — are relatively inexpensive landscaping materials, and supply companies can deliver them directly to your property. Then, all you need is a wheelbarrow and shovel.

Here are some tips for utilizing landscaping rocks in the best ways possible: 

    • Select the right type of landscaping rocks — There are all kinds of rocks out there for you to purchase and start placing around your property, but some materials are much better options for certain projects than others. Consult with a landscaping professional to find out what rocks work best for certain tasks. For instance, large rockery rocks are ideal for delineating the borders of a garden or fire pit, while pea gravel is ideal for creating pathways and patios.


    • Work with a gravel delivery service — Identifying the rocks you’re going to be using on your property is one thing, but getting all that material to your backyard is another. Thankfully, there are professional gravel delivery services that can bring the exact amount of landscaping rock right to your doorstep. Don’t pile in all that heavy material into your sedan; get help from the professionals.


    • Construct a water feature — Using rocks to outline a small pond or water feature on your lawn can give a major boost in visual appearance and overall value to your property. River rock is a popular option for this kind of project because it’s smooth and typically only one to two inches in diameter.


    • Replace mulch with crushed gravel — Rather than dealing with mulch, which has its perks but can be less visually appealing than other materials, place down some crushed gravel around your property’s garden. Crushed gravel can give your lawn a fresh, distinguished look and often works just as well as mulch for drainage purposes.


If you want to find out more about how landscaping rocks can improve the look and feel of your property, or work with a legitimate drainage gravel delivery service here in the Seattle region, give Builder’s Sand and Gravel Inc. a call today.