5 Reasons to Use Washed Gravel in Your Landscaping Plan

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when to use washed gravelThere are a number of reasons to use washed gravel in your landscaping. Some people wonder about when to use washed gravel, what is the answer? Whenever you want! But what are the benefits of using washed gravel when updating your landscaping:

  1. It is very cost effective. This is one of the biggest pluses of using washed gravel. When you are looking to change up the look of your property, this is a great way to go if you are on a tight budget. Washed gravel is less pricey than other kinds of materials for landscaping. If you are wondering when to use washed gravel, it works well for driveways and paths around a property. It has a lot of benefits that concrete and asphalt cannot match. It is also less expensive to have delivered and installed.
  2. It is easy to maintain. Washed gravel is very easy to maintain. In order to get the best results, you should order a little more than is needed when you get your gravel delivery. If you see a patch in the crushed gravel that is uneven, all you need to do is rake it over. This is way easier than fixing cracks in concrete and asphalt. With gravel, there is no need to get coatings that cost a lot or spend a lot of time sealing the area. You will have to schedule a new gravel delivery every two years or so.
  3. It is great for weed control. If you live in an area of the country where weeds are always on the verge of taking over your property, you may want to answer the question of when to use washed gravel, AS SOON AS POSSIBLE! No one likes to deal with weeds and they can wreak havoc on an area covered with concrete or asphalt. The roots from the weeds can do a number on other landscaping materials.
  4. You can get your gravel in a number of styles. It also comes in different textures, sizes, colors, and grades. The two most popular styles are crushed and washed. There are a lot of other gravels you have to choose from. No matter what kind of look you want for your landscaping, you can get it with gravel.
  5. It is great at soaking up rainwater or letting it flow right by. All gravel is drainage gravel. If you have your gravel installation done correctly, you will eliminate any problems with drainage. When you have asphalt or concrete, rainwater can really do a lot of damage. Especially when it teams up with the weeds that have popped through the surface. Gravel is comprised of individual rocks. Water can wash through them and not cause any problems. Because a surface of gravel cannot crack, water cannot get in and make cracks larger. This is another reason this is a good material that needs little in the way of maintenance.

There are a lot of reasons washed gravel makes a great addition to any landscape plan. It is cost-effective, can match and meet any style, is easy to install and maintain, and is versatile.