5 Reasons To Use Gravel For Your Next Landscaping Project

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gravel deliveryWhen it comes to landscaping design, there are many benefits of having gravel installed around your home or business. You might ask yourself, “What can I use gravel for?”, but the truth is that it is a versatile and practical material. These ubiquitous landscaping rocks are easily maintained, affordable, and readily available from most gravel delivery companies. If you’re in the process of planning your next residential or commercial landscaping project, then here are some of the benefits of crushed gravel:

Very Budget Friendly
Because washed gravel is so easy to install, it doesn’t cost as much as other hardscaping materials. It is especially beneficial for driveways, too, as it can make longer driveways far more affordable. Unlike asphalt or concrete, all that you have to do after a gravel delivery is rake and level the stones along the length of the driveway. In fact, as long as you can provide the elbow grease, there is no real expense to you after it is delivered.

Easy Maintenance
As mentioned above, gravel is very easily maintained. For best results, it’s wise to order a little more gravel than you actually need. That way, as soon as you notice an uneven patch in your landscaping or driveway, you can spread new gravel around and fix the problem with relative ease. There’s no need to invest in expensive coatings or time consuming resurfacing with gravel. Every few years you will need to schedule another gravel delivery, but there is no need to call professionals to seal it or repair cracks.

Weed Control
Not only is gravel affordable and low maintenance, but it also provides year-round weed control. A one-inch layer of rocks can provide effective weed control; however, if any weeds do grow through, it will be easy enough to pull them up by the roots. 

Gravel Comes in a Variety of Styles
Gravel comes in a variety of grades, sizes, colors, and textures. Two of the most popular types of gravel include washed and crushed gravel, but there are many others to choose from. This means that you can find a type that matches the exterior of your property quite easily. No matter what kind of landscaping project or style you have in mind, there is a type of gravel that will fit your property perfectly.

Soaks Up Rainwater
As long as the gravel is installed correctly, you won’t have to worry about drainage. While asphalt and concrete tend to collect puddles of water, gravel patios, driveways, and walkways provide natural drainage. The individual rocks that make up gravel allow for the rainwater to flow right through them, typically to a sand base below, leaving the area free of excess water. Because drainage should be a top priority in any landscaping project, gravel is an ideal choice for a variety of applications.

There are many reasons to use gravel for your landscaping and home improvement projects, with these five being some of the more common. On top of these practical benefits, remember this: gravel looks good, too! So whether you’re working on a budget or need to achieve a more upscale aesthetic, you can easily find landscaping rocks that will suit your purpose.

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