Bring the Outdoors Inside with Rock-Based Interior Design

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rockery rocksAccording to a study conducted by Houzz Landscape Trends in 2017, 38% of homeowners upgraded their pathways, driveways, patios, and terraces use crushed gravel or rock. However, crushed gravel, river rocks, and rockery rocks can be used in a variety of home improvement projects beyond outdoor spaces.


The natural beauty and durability of river rocks make them a prime choice for many interior design applications. Different shapes, sizes, color tones, and variations in natural stones are all part of what makes them so appealing in any aspect of your home design.


If you’re looking to upgrade the appearance of your home’s interior, here are a few ways to incorporate all kinds of rocks for a beautiful, modern approach:


Fireplace Upgrades


From residential home design to commercial ski resorts and mountain cabins, natural elements like rock contribute to a homey, cozy feeling when sitting next to a fireplace. Large rockery rocks can make any fireplace truly wow your guests, since the natural stone makes the fireplace seem like an ancient cave. For a subtler approach, smaller river rocks create neutral tones and interesting textures for your mantle and chimney decoration. As a bonus, stone is naturally heat resistant, which helps your fire stay contained and your home stay safe.


Spa-Like Bathrooms


Incorporating washed gravel and other stones give a bathroom a muted, relaxed atmosphere, and enhances feelings of natural rejuvenation. River rock is generally very smooth to the touch, which makes it a great sensory addition to your bathroom. Try using a layer of drain rock over the floor in the shower to feel like you’re bathing in a waterfall, or build a sink out of a layer of natural rock for a statement vanity area.


Indoor Garden Elements


Rock gardens and rockery rocks elevate your home’s curb appeal when used outdoors. However, just as plants look good indoors and outdoors, so can rocks! Try crafting a small stone garden in the corner of your living room or porch where you keep your house plant display. If you manage the interior of a hotel or a resort, you can even build a large-scale indoor rockery rock garden for natural beauty that doesn’t need regular watering or pruning.


While rock features can make a home’s exterior stand out, using rock indoors is even more bold. For unique blend of modern home design and natural, traditional elements, try out any of the ideas listed above. Bring rockery rocks, river rocks, and pea gravel inside for a more beautiful and daring interior space.