Building a Sand Box: 7 Helpful Steps

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sand for sand boxesLandscaping projects, if done correctly, can actually increase your property’s resale value by as much as 14%. There are all kinds of cool ways you can improve your property; plant a garden, install a pool, add a new room or patio, etc. But only a few landscaping projects are actually kid-friendly.

If you have a newborn baby or a few little children crawling around, you’re going to want them to have a fun place to play outside. Sand boxes are great for babies to mess around in and you can easily install the perfect one right in your own backyard.

Here are some steps to consider that will help you build a great backyard sand box for your kids to enjoy:

    1. Measure where the sand box will go — You’re going to have to make sure of the exact measurements when it comes to your new sand box. If you don’t have a large enough backyard, you might have to adjust accordingly.

    2. Acquire all the necessary materials — First, you need to make sure you have plenty of sand for sand boxes, a large bag of decking screws, landscaping fabric, and 12 lengths of four by fours that combine to create a three-course-high border.

    3. Lay out the boards — Once you have identified where you want the sand box to go and have purchased all the necessary items, it’s time to lay out the perimeter of the sand box the flat surface.

    4. Start digging — Once your boards are setup, it’s time to dig out the interior of the box. Go about six inches deep and be sure to include the dirt under your wooden boards.

    5. Add in utility sand on the outside — Next, it’s time to start adding some quality sand for sand boxes along the edges. It’s best to use a one-inch deep and four-inch wide layer of sand around the perimeter of the box.

    6. Secure the other wooden boards — With decking screws, now you should swear up all the new and old wooden boards. Secure the second layer of wood with decking screws about once every three feet.

    7. Add the landscaping fabric and final wooden layer — Cover the entire hole so it overlaps the second layer of wood and then add on the third (and final) layer on top. Then, simply fill the entire area up with sand and watch your kids have all the fun in the world.

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