Ensure Optimal Plant Growth By Picking the Right Topsoil

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gravel deliverySpring is upon us, and many are looking into different types of flowers to add to their garden. Picking out new arrangements and preparing for new things to blossom in your yard space is exciting, but knowing your soil is important for ensuring your plant life thrives.

Good landscaping can bring happiness and contentment to a homeowner’s mindset, and it will increase your home’s curb appeal, too. In fact, some have reported a 14% increase in resale value thanks to improved landscaping. If you are ready to get started, but aren’t sure what steps to take in terms of topsoil, let us help you out.

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Fertility and Texture

There are two main components when it comes to picking the right soil for your needs: fertility and texture. Fertility has a lot to do with the physical features of the topsoil. The texture actually plays a big role in soil fertility, but soil structure, as well as how well it holds water, will make a difference in how successful the plant life is, as well.

Now, when it comes to texture, there are three different thing types of topsoil you can pick from. These are sand, loam, or clay. Clay will retain the most water, which seems beneficial for plant growth, but can wind up drowning them if you are not very cautious. Sand, on the hand, is typically too dry. Plants in sand need a lot of water and can easily dry out on days where the sun is especially hot.

The ideal topsoil comes in the form of loam, which is a mixture of sand and clay. It creates the ideal texture and will be able to hold water well, without leaving your plants in a puddle.

Need Gravel Delivery?

Once you have your flower bed all set up and ready to grow, it may be time to invest in landscaping rocks and gravel. Not only will this help complete the look, but it can help control weed growth, as well. Gravel delivery services are just a phone call away, and it could add the perfect finishing touch to your landscape.

Here at Builders Sand and Gravel, we offer gravel delivery, as well as dirt removal services and topsoil delivery, and we are happy to sell you all kinds of landscaping materials, such as rockery rocks, pea gravel, utility sand, and more. Give us a call today, and we would be happy to work with you.