Go Big or Go Home: Using Large Rocks in Landscape Design

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A beautiful landscape design involves many elements. Gardens, trees, pathways, and buildings require clever and artistic arrangement to create a cohesive and attractive outdoor space.

Using a variety of rock elements in a design can help marry both beauty and function in any landscape. In particular, large rockery rocks can serve multiple functions in a yard or other outdoor area.

Here are just a few rockery rock design ideas for landscapers looking to incorporate large stone in their next project:

    1. Stone Walls

      Building a wall is one beautiful and functional use of large boulders and rocks in a landscape. Crafting a stone wall near a driveway or around the borders of a property can deter unwanted guests, and can give the lawn greater curb appeal. After all, a good landscape can increase a home’s resale value by 14%.

      Stone retaining walls are also particularly useful for protecting steep slopes from erosion and sliding over time. A rockery rock retaining wall can even create the perfect opportunity for planting a hanging garden.


    1. Natural Seating

      Large rocks near gardens and pools not only provide visual interest by contrasting smaller rocks and plants, but they can also provide clever seating opportunities. Smooth and semi-flat rocks can be arranged to form a natural stone bench or stool. You can even arrange medium and large rocks in a ring around a stone fire pit to create an outdoor entertaining area that blends with the natural environment.


    1. Rock Garden Centerpieces

      One of the simplest uses for landscaping rocks and boulders is visual appeal. Rockery rocks have their own natural beauty, with colors, textures, and shapes unique to the region they originated. Use a large boulder or rockery rock as a centerpiece in your rock garden. Let it stand out by placing it in direct sight in a well-lit part of the yard. For a more natural look, ensure that part of the rock is buried underneath the soil, since in nature few boulders sit above the grass and the dirt.


  1. Get Creative

    Though a boulder might seem like just a big, heavy rock, the possibilities are endless. Consider painting a boulder for a unique artistic addition to your yard. A collection of boulders and sand for sand boxes can create a climbing-and-digging play area for children. Boulders and smaller rocks can even be arranged to create a natural-looking waterfall fountain. The only limit to rockery rock design ideas is your own imagination!