How to Create a Rockery Garden to Remember

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river rockEveryone loves a good garden. You can use different types of topsoil, a variety of flowers, and maybe even a few vegetables in the mix.

But have you ever thought of building a rockery?

A rockery displays different types of landscaping rocks to create a unique and outdoorsy look. Upon creating something cool to look at, rocks are useful for your garden, too – a small layer of rocks, about one inch in size can fight off the mean weeds attacking your plants.

Rockeries best suit alpine plants, like primrose, tulips, or daffodils. You want to make sure your rockery rocks can maintain the garden you’re aiming for.

First, you want to choose the best base for your rockery. Crushed rock will not be your best bet here. Start with finding local rocks with features. This would be a great time to fish out some river rocks from your local bodies of water.

Rocks such as river rocks have a better ability to contain your garden. River rock also has character, making your garden much more interesting. Make sure to include a variety of sizes within your river rocks.

You must consider your wants and needs for your rockery. When choosing where to locate it, consider how far you will have have to carry your rocks (if it’s far away from your river rocks, that’s a lot of heavy lifting for you!) different soil uses, and whether the land is slanted or level.

Place your rockery in a place that gets plenty of sunlight. If you are using a slanted slope, large river rock can keep your garden from sliding down the hill.

It’s time to get much more specific than just simply river rocks to decide what types of rocks to use.


Sandstone have well-defined lines that make your rockery the coolest in the neighborhood. They also make adjusting the size of the rock much easier.


Tufa is nutrient rich, which makes it great for helping your alpine plants grow. It also typically has a porous surface, so plants can mold to it. However, it’s not a common rock, so you’ll probably have to search for it.

Decorative Rocks

While not having so much practical use, decorative rocks will add a touch of personality to your rockery. Consider having your family name engraved in a larger bolder or memorializing your lost pet in a smaller stone. Whatever you decide, it will truly make your rockery, “yours.”

No matter how you go about designing your rockery, it will be sure to set you apart from all of the normal gardens on the block. Happy planting!