Improve Your Property: 3 Great Gravel Uses

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gravel deliveryOutdoor landscaping projects are a wonderful way to improve property value and appearance. Whether it’s a small home landscaping project or a major commercial property improvement, gravel and similar materials are great for these outdoor jobs. 

According to a 2017 Houzz Landscape Trends study, roughly 38% of homeowners are currently using gravel or crushed rock for various outdoor projects. From washed gravel to crushed gravel, this durable material is extremely versatile. 

Make sure you are taking advantage of gravel delivery services so you can have this landscaping matter brought right to you. Here are some of the best and most creative uses for gravel: 

Erosion and Drainage Control
Using gravel at the bottom of flower pots is a great way to prevent erosion and control draining on your home. If there is no gutter on a property, a drainage foundation is likely not present, either, subsequently putting any flowers nearby in jeopardy. Use crushed gravel pieces to keep storm water roof run-off from splashing dirt along the side of your home. Also, placing gravel around or underneath drain pipes will prevent soil erosion throughout the area. 

Driveway Creation
Gravel can also be used to create excellent driveways — no matter how big or small. This material can be cruised and used as a concrete mixer to provide a smooth, traction based driveway. Another benefit of gravel is that it can also be laid as is onto a wide path of property as a loose drive area. It’s best to start with larger size pieces of gravel as the first layer, and then use defending sizes as you continue to layer your driveway.

Garden Accents
Finally, gravel can be great for accentuating beautiful home gardens. Rather than just having a garden stand alone on your property, placing gravel down can provide a nice looking flower garden border. This landscaping material can also be used to create stepping stones throughout a garden space, too. 

Keep in mind, you’ll need to work with a credible gravel delivery company before performing any of these landscaping tasks. If you need gravel delivery, topsoil delivery, or any kind of dirt removal service, contact Builders Sand and Gravel Inc today.