Landscape Improvements: 3 Drainage Gravel Projects You Can Do

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drainage gravelCertain landscaping projects can actually increase a home’s resale value by as much as 14%. 

Many homeowners think that they don’t have the skills, knowledge, time, or resources to perform some of these landscape improvement projects. There are plenty of do-it-yourself projects that you can do, however, that don’t require too much money or physical effort. 

By simply placing drainage gravel around your property in strategic locations, you can easily improve your landscape’s look and even boost its overall resale value. According to the 2017 Houzz Landscape Trends study, 38% of homeowners upgrading their pathways, driveways, patios, and terraces are using crushed gravel or crushed rockery rocks. 

Here are a few drainage gravel projects you can easily perform this summer to significantly boost your home’s value and give yourself that nice looking landscape you’ve always dreamed of: 


    • Crushed gravel pathway — You can simply place down a few layers of crushed gravel on your lawn and create a great-looking hardscape pathway. If you’re constantly walking back and forth to one part of your property, after a while you’re going to damage your lawn. A gravel pathway can help preserve your lawn and can look fantastic. Lay down gravel in whatever pattern you want from your front door to your mailbox, your back patio to the pool, or anywhere else on your lawn.


    • Outline for fencing — Installing a fence on your property can provide plenty of great benefits, but laying some nice crushed gravel at its base can look amazing. You can certainly outline the inside of your fence, but if you have a few feet left over on the other side of the fence (without intruding on your neighbor’s property), you can place another layer on the outside, which will look wonderful.


    • Gravel garden border — A garden can help your landscape look terrific, as well, but a nice gravel border can significantly improve its look. You can get creative with your gravel bordering, as well; utilize different colors, place the material down in various patterns, and place as many layers as you want.


Don’t let your landscape remain the same for years — it’s time to start upgrading the look and feel of your property. If you’re in need drainage gravel delivery or concrete removal services or would to learn more about how to use rockery rocks in order to boost your landscape’s appearance, give Builders Sand and Gravel Inc. a call right away.