Prevent Damaging Water Accumulation With Drainage Gravel

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drainage gravelDrainage gravel can be great for homeowners who are experiencing constant water issues across their properties. Even a small puddle can grow into a significant and expensive damaging problem. 

Since unwanted water accumulation can lead to extremely costly property issues — resulting in waterlogged swamps, ruined gardens, and slippery walkways — property owners need to always be on the lookout for ways to both prevent these damages and address them once it’s too late. That’s where drainage gravel comes into play. 

Water moves through gravel a lot faster than it does through the majority of soil and other materials. Since the drainage process is expedited when gravel is used at the base of the water body, puddles and wet areas are able to dry out quickly instead of pooling up on top of soil and other land materials. 

It’s recommended to place down a few layers of crushed rock or sand underneath the gravel in order to stabilize the drainage surface. When it comes to drainage material layer size, typically a two- to three-inch layer of gravel will effectively deter water buildup. 

River rock is another popular type of smooth gravel that can be used to prevent significant water accumulation within your property. This type of washed gravel is about one to two inches in diameter. 

If the water damage on your property is significant and existing in elevated beds, you will need an additional later of gravel at the very bottom of the bed — underneath the topsoil — that allows the water to travel through the soil faster and prevents it from pooling up higher than the raised bed. 

Landscaping rocks are great for aesthetic purposes, as well. Homeowners can place down a few layers of gravel to act as a border alongside fences, gardens, or outdoor features. Additionally, gravel pathways can make any lawn look great. 

If you are in need of topsoil delivery or want to learn more about using drainage gravel and other rockery rocks to control water accumulation, prevent landscaping damage, and give you the best looking property available, give Builders Sand and Gravel Inc. a call today.