Thinking of Starting a Rock Garden? Here’s What Rockery Rocks Can Do for You

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what are rockery rocks used forSummer is here, which means that home renovation season is upon us. Not only can weekend warriors looking to add value to their homes have more space for indoor projects, it also means that there’s more time and good weather for landscaping projects as well. If you’re looking for the opportunity to spend time in your yard and add beauty to your landscape, but you’re concerned about the hefty addition to your water bill, consider a rock garden! These eco friendly and striking additions can provide stability and majesty to any landscaping project. Today, we’ll be discussing rockery rocks, the larger end of the spectrum of offerings your gravel dealer can provide. We’ll not only talk about what they are and what advantages they can offer your landscape design project, but we’ll also tackle the question everyone’s asking: “what are rockery rocks used for?

What Are Rockery Rocks?

If you’ve ever made a visit to a gravel dealer, you’ll know that you can find options from pea sand to river rock and more. Rockery rocks are the boulders that range in size from half-man (8-12 inches in size and 10-50 lbs in weight) to five-man, which can weigh over 1,000 lbs. Actual weight depends on the density of the stone, which will determine whether your new addition can be carried by hand, or if you should leave the movement to the professionals. Make sure to ask your quarry what your options are in terms of residential delivery.

What Are Rockery Rocks Used For?

Rockery rocks are primarily used in rock or alpine gardens, offsetting both smaller stones or plants grown at high ranges. In addition to the aesthetic contrast they can offer to smaller stones, they are also useful in retaining walls, stone pathways, and borders surrounding properties. They can also create striking bases for architectural features such as columns or benches. When you ask yourself “what are rockery rocks used for,” the ultimate answer is that the only limit to their use is the garden designers imagination. These versatile stones offer a visually and texturally striking addition to any landscaping project.

What Are the Advantages of Rockery Rocks?

In a recent report from Houzz in 2017, 38% of homeowners reported making the switch or adding rocks and gravel in their updates to patios and terraces. The reasons for turning to quarry products instead of greenhouses range from increasing curb appeal to cutting down on lawn maintenance and the associated water fees. Because of their sheer size and easy visibility from the curb, rockery rocks also offer an alternative to cookie-cutter landscape design in order to add a unique and environmentally conscious twist to home improvement.

Today, we’ve had a chance to discuss some of the finer points of rockery rock placement, but we’d love to hear about your ideas for your projects. When you imagine your dream rock or alpine garden, what does it look like? Let us know in the comments below.