Tips for Using Driveway Gravel

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driveway gravelDriveway gravel is simply crushed rock pieces. A lot of people make the mistake of installing driveway gravel by having a gravel delivery, then just spreading the gravel out and calling it a day. The fact is if you want your driveway to keep its shape there is a process you need to follow.


Your first step, of course, is to connect with a gravel dealer that offers gravel delivery. Then, you will want to learn the proper way to install a gravel driveway to get the best results.


How Small Is Driveway Gravel?


Here is a little fact that most people do not know. Driveway gravel comes in different sizes, which is an important attribute. Experts recommend that you use 3 different layers of 3 different sized gravel. The first layer should be about baseball-sized rocks, the second layer should be about 3 inches of golf-ball-sized rocks, and finally, the third layer should be about 3 inches of marble-sized rocks.


Gravel is graded by size. For example, large baseball size gravel is usually a #3 gravel. When you speak with the supplier just let them know what you are using the gravel for and they will be able to tell you what sizes you need to get the job done.


Preparation is Key


If you want a highly functional gravel driveway that gives you years of coverage, and holds it shape, it is important to prep the driveway. The driveway will turn out better if you prep the area first by smoothing out the surface, remove any debris, vegetation, and filling in any holes.


Compact Your Driveway Between Layers


You will want to be sure that you compact each layer of stone. You can do this with a roller or by driving a vehicle up and down the driveway. You can also use stone fine or dust to help the process. Compaction is an important step.


If you plan on eventually paving your driveway keep in mind that the professionals recommend that you wait two full years after your gravel installation to pave. The type of soil you have in your driveway will play a vital role in how the gravel settles.


Avoid This, the Biggest Mistake


Do not take short cuts when it comes to drainage. Be sure that you incorporate drainage into your driveway design. If you do not take the steps to plan for drainage in your driveway, heavy rain can cause your gravel (and hard work) to wash away.


Many homeowners choose to call in a contractor to install drainage. It is a worthy investment that will help to protect your driveway.


Another big mistake would be to skip layers. Do not skip layers of gravel. It is very important that you use a sufficient amount of gravel, and that you follow the layering suggestions. Connect with a trusted source for all your gravel needs today it will help the project to come together perfectly.