Landscape Sand: The Different Types Used in Landscaping

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utility sand for landscapingSand is one of many types of topsoil; understand landscaping sand types will help your project material selection. What’s more, commercial sand can be used for countless purposes. Here, we’ll take a look at some of the different types of construction sand. These may be used in landscaping projects. This post should give you a better idea of what materials a sand supplier, like Builders Sand and Gavel, might recommend.

Different Types of Sand:

  • Utility Sand: Also known as fill sand, utility sand is rather coarse in texture and is a mix of white, gray, beige, tan, and brown particles. It’s typically used underneath paving stones (e.g., as a base material for concrete) or to fill holes and trenches. It compacts especially well, despite the fact that it’s not processed or washed. Although utility sand isn’t the type of soft, pure sand you associate with your favorite beach destination, it does serve many important purposes in landscaping and in construction.

  • Beach Sand:   Fine-textured beach sand is essentially what it sounds like. It’s similar in feel and look to what you might see on vacation. It’s often found on playgrounds, beach volleyball courts, and sandboxes. It may also be referred to as “play sand,” which indicates that it’s free of silica and safe for children to play in. If you want to have a soft spot to play in your backyard or your business is constructing a large athletic space outside, beach sand might be an excellent option.

  • Masonry Sand: Masonry sand is sometimes called white sand, although it can come in beige and tan varieties in addition to a white-gray color. This fine-grained, clean sand is utilized in the creation of mortar or concrete. The final product is typically used to lay bricks, blocks, or stones. It’s actually a bit easier to work with than utility sand. This is why white masonry sand is so commonly found in patio construction. Masonry sand can be used to create a clean, white line between blocks or bricks, a desirable feature for many homeowners.

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Using sand between your stone pavers to create a garden path? Want to design a safe play area for your kids? It helps to understand the main differences between types of commercial products. You’ll find plenty of options for outdoor applications. For more information about the sands we carry or their uses, please contact us today.