Understanding Topsoil: A Brief Guide

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topsoil deliveryMost people have heard of topsoil, but some have no idea that there are different types of topsoil or what it’s used for. If you’ve determined you need topsoil delivery, you’ll also want to have a clear idea of what you’re getting.


The three kinds of topsoil are loam, clay, and sand. Before you order your topsoil delivery you want to be sure that you are ordering the right type for your garden.


What is Topsoil Made Of?


Topsoil is made up of sand, silt (loam), and clay in different proportions. The ideal ratio of ingredients is 15% clay, 25% loam, 60% sand. In those proportions, you have the ideal growing medium for most garden plants and shrubbery.


The proportions can vary from brand to brand, so you do want to turn to a trusted source for your topsoil delivery. Getting the right topsoil will ensure that your new garden does just fine.


One of the most common questions asked when people call for a topsoil delivery is: “what kind of topsoil do I need for my garden?” The answer is that it largely depends on what type of garden you are trying to grow. For example, if you are planning a succulent garden area, you’ll want to go for sandier topsoil. Other types of gardens will require topsoil with different ratios of components to promote better growth.


In most cases, well-balanced topsoil with the right proportions of clay, loam, and sand is ideal for most growing situations. Soil uses can vary, of course. If you are in doubt about which is best for your use, ask the supplier of the topsoil delivery they can give you the information you need.


Myths About Topsoil


There are some misconceptions about this type of soil — like whether it is well suited for potted plants. It is best not to use topsoil in planters. Potting soil is best for this application because it is enriched with the right nutrients.


Another myth is that you can take soil from anywhere in your yard to create a new garden bed and get good results. While it is true you can take soil from anywhere, it’s likely not going to be the same high-quality soil that you will find by ordering actual topsoil.


Starting Your Garden and Completing It


Ideally, you will use a supplier that can provide you with both topsoil delivery and bark delivery Seattle gardeners trust. It is much easier to have everything you need for your garden delivered at once.


Having everything on hand that you will need will make it easy to finish your garden project in one day. You can spread your topsoil and mix it in with the current soil to ensure even distribution of the topsoil, plant your plants, then finish the bed off with some bark mulch.


Order the topsoil delivery Seattle gardeners and landscapers trust for high-quality topsoil today.