What Are Rockery Rocks, Anyway? Your Quick Intro to The Big Boys

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what are rockery rocksMany different styles of rock provide the beauty and stability for completing various landscaping projects. From lining a pathway to building a retaining wall, rocks are essential building and design tools. However, different types of rocks are appropriate for different projects.

Most rock and building sand suppliers offer extensive sizing options, from pea gravel and utility sand to large rockery rocks. In this article, we’ll be discussing stone options on the larger end of the spectrum: rockery rocks.


What Are Rockery Rocks?


The term “rockery” refers to rock gardens or alpine gardens, which feature decorative stones the size of small boulders. Rockery rocks, then, are the stones used to fill these beautiful and unique garden landscapes. However, rockery rocks can be used in a variety of application beyond decorations. 

Just How Big Are Rockery Rocks?


Generally, rockery rocks refer to boulders about half-man size and up to five man and beyond. For reference, a half man rock might weigh between 10 and 50 pounds, and be eight to 12 inches in size. Some half man rocks can weigh considerably more, depending on their density. The sizes increase quickly from there– rockery rocks that are five man in size might weigh well over a thousand pounds!


While half-man and one-man rocks may be moveable by hand, rocks that are two man or more might require special equipment to maneuver. Ask your quarry or construction service if they offer rock and gravel delivery.


What Are Rockery Rocks Used For?


Though rockery rocks are a favorite decoration for stone gardens, their applications are only limited by the architect’s or landscaper’s creativity. Rockery rocks can be used to build retaining walls or to create stone borders around properties and driveways. Sometimes, rockery rocks are used to build stone steps, benches, and columns. Large stones are also popular in marine applications, such as stone outcroppings for fishing or boat guidance.


Though humble, rockery rocks are incredibly useful for many landscaping projects. By offering stability, beauty, and the sheer impressiveness of their size, they make a great addition to nearly any property, especially since landscaping can increase a home’s resale value by up to 14%. To learn more, give us a call ad Builder Sand and Gravel today!