What Are Rockery Rocks Used For?

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rockery rocksRockery rocks are the rocks with the funny names that are used for landscaping. They are landscaping rocks Seattle homeowners use in rock gardens, to create barriers, and to add interest to their landscaping.


If you have ever been to your local Seattle gravel dealer you have run across rockery rocks and just not realized that was the formal name given to these rocks. They are boulders that range in size from 8 to 12 inches, and that weigh between 10lbs in weight to over 1,000 lbs.


Rockery Rock Design Ideas


Many properties are cleared of all their rockery rocks to make way for structures and utilities. This leaves the property without a lot of natural interest. These boulders are often used to put the interest back in the landscaping.


Here are some ways you can make use of rockery rocks:

  • Create a beautiful rock garden by combining large rockery with river rock for landscaping.
  • They are great for rustic retention walls.
  • Use them to enhance outdoor sculptures and yard art.
  • You can use them to create borders around gardens, property lines, and pathways.

You can get creative in your landscaping by using rockery rocks as the anchor in your rock garden. They add a great visual focal point.

Highlight Yard Art and Sculptures


Highlighting yard art and sculptures is easy with these boulders. They can act as a base to display your favorite pieces and give them some height to add to the visual appeal. They can be used as anchors to keep yard art in place.


Retention Walls


Rockery rock is a great option for building retaining walls and keeping erosion at bay. They have the weight to hold back soil and keep it from slipping away. They are also a beautiful addition to your landscaping as rustic border walls that can highlight paths and garden areas.


Put Nature Back Into Your Landscaping


Rockery lets you put the nature back into your landscaping that was lost when your home or business was built. It gives your landscaping that perfect natural touch that really makes it pop, and of course, rockery can be highly functional. It is a win-win situation for your landscaping.