What Can I Use Gravel For? 5 Applications for Gravel

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what can I use gravel forIf you are pondering what can I use gravel for? You need to know about these applications. Gravel is a small pounded stone. They are used for many different applications both commercially and in landscaping for the home.


The first thing you do when you have a project in mind is to arrange for a gravel delivery from a trusted gravel dealer. Gravel for driveways and other applications can be delivered right to the job site. Gravel delivery Seattle and surrounding communities make it easy to use this aggregate anywhere that you need it.


What Can I Use Gravel For?


Let’s get right to the applications that you can use gravel for. Most people know that gravel for driveways is an inexpensive way to create a drivable surface but that is not all gravel can do for you. Here are five applications where gravel comes in handy:

  • Drainage
  • Erosion prevention
  • Mulch replacement
  • Walkways
  • Decorative effect

Gravel is a great option to help with drainage. A layer or two of gravel around a home that is not outfitted with gutters can help to control drainage problems. It is also great to use in the bottom of flower pots and raised bed areas to increase drainage.

Keep Erosion Down


Gravel can help to keep erosion down. It gives the soil something to “hold on to” and helps water to seamlessly pass through without taking the dirt with it.


Safer Then Mulch In Garden Beds


Wood mulch, pine straw, and other organic mulches can be a fire hazard. Gravel in the garden bed gets the same moisture saving results without the risk of it igniting. Gravel is also less pest friendly than other forms of mulch.




It is easy to create paths and walkways with gravel. Over time the gravel will become an even surface to walk on, or you can lay it and roll over it to compact it. It looks great and is an inexpensive way to create a walkway.


It Looks Great


In landscaping gravel can be used as a decorative tool. Using gravel is a great way to designate areas and to add some pop to any space. Learn more about how you can use gravel in your landscaping.