What is Topsoil Made Of?

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what is top soil made ofWhat is topsoil made of? What is topsoil? Understanding what topsoil is made of and its definition can help you to understand the process of successful landscaping, gardening and more. First thing that must be defined is what is considered topsoil.

You can buy different types of topsoil at your local landscaping supply store, but topsoil also refers to the soil that is found at the upper most layer of the ground. Confused yet? Read below to find out more about what is topsoil made of and what the term describes.

Topsoil Defined

Topsoil is the upper most layers of earth. The top two to eight inches of soil is considered topsoil. What makes it different from the under layers of soil in the yard? The top layers of dirt are richer in nutrients than the lower layers.

Organic decomposition from leaves, plant matter and even insects add nutrients to the top layer of soil making it richer in nutrients. Commercially prepared topsoil has already been amended with organic matter to mimic the natural process.

The advantage of purchasing topsoil compared to using what you have already in the yard is that commercially prepared bags of soil have exact measurements of the right materials to provide healthy soil.

What is Topsoil Made Of?

Topsoil is composed of a varying percentage of materials. Clay, sand, organic materials, microorganism and minerals like potassium, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus and more.

There are different types of topsoil like organic types and soils that are prepared for specific purposes. In almost all cases these preparations are used to add quality soil to gardens, lawns and flower beds.

If you are wondering what type of topsoil do I need for my garden, your best bet is to consult with a landscape supply company. They can provide you with information about topsoil and topsoil Seattle delivery to information about rockery rocks to bark delivery Seattle. They will have the answers you need.

How to Use Topsoil Properly

No matter where you purchase this type of soil from it is going to be different from the soil that you have. One of the biggest mistakes that are made using this soil is that it simply laid on top of the existing soil.

To get the most benefit out of adding topsoil to your space you should mix it in with the soil that is already there. Introducing new topsoil by laying it on top of the old soil can cause problems for plants and grasses that are planted in it. You want to incorporate the new with the existing to get the best results.