What Is Washed Gravel, and Why Should You Use It?

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what is washed gravelLandscaping rock is not a new idea. This is a very popular way to provide weed control in garden ad landscaping areas. Landscaping rock has a beautiful look, it provides drainage, and it’s a very low-maintenance landscaping choice. But what is washed gravel? If you’re thinking about using crushed gravel or any type of rock in your landscaping, start thinking about using washed gravel to create a beautiful, high-end look.

What Is Washed Gravel?

So, what is washed gravel? This is a specific type of landscaping rock that looks like smooth river rocks. This gives it a very high-end custom look that’s different from the sharp, jagged pieces of crushed gravel you may see in other types of landscaping rock. River rock is a popular type of smooth gravel used in landscaping. The individual rocks are about 1 to 2 inches in diameter. Washed gravel has the appearance of river rocks, which means it is often more affordable than actual river rock.

Small gravel like this is ideal for many landscaping situations because t provides excellent drainage while still creating a high-end look and creating great weed control. There are lots of uses for landscaping rocks. These rocks can be used for pathways, driveways, play areas, grilling areas, and anywhere else you want it in your outdoor areas. What is washed gravel? It’s an all-around landscaping rock that can be used anywhere — and everywhere it’s placed, it creates a beautiful, customized look.

What Makes Gravel Washed?

So you know the answer to what is washed gravel as far as its look and landscaping use. But what makes gravel washed? Gravel is washed gravel when it has been passed through water to loosen and remove dirt from the rock. It has also been screened to remove any debris that doesn’t belong. Washed gravel has truly been washed, so there is no dirt or dust on it. This gives it a shiny, gleaming look that makes landscaping areas look especially beautiful.

Adding landscaping adds to the value of your property. Improving the look of your home makes it more attractive to buyers and it can even increase your asking price. What is washed gravel? It may just be that little something extra that helps you get a lot more value from your home. And before you sell, if you plan to sell, you’ll get lots more enjoyment from your property because you’d have beautiful outdoor spaces to enjoy. washed gravel can e used for good looks in garden beds as easily as it can be used in entertaining and gathering areas, even poolside. There are few places in your yard that cannot benefit from good weed control and excellent drainage, right?

What is washed gravel? It may be the answer you’ve been looking for when it comes to creating beautiful landscaping that will stand out, areas that you can enjoy for their beauty and for their practicality. Washed gravel is a great addition to any outdoor area ad it will immediately create an improvement. Try adding this to your landscaping design, and see how you like the results.