Why Gravel Makes the Perfect Patio

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Spring is just around the corner. If you want an outdoor space that you can enjoy as soon as the flowers bloom, now’s the time to start sprucing up your yard. One of the best ways to do that without breaking the bank is to install a new gravel or crushed rock patio. In 2017, a Houzz Landscape Trends study found that 38% of homeowners that upgraded their patios, terraces, pathways, or driveways used gravel or crushed rock. Here’s why these materials are so popular and how you can use it in your next DIY project.

Less Expensive

Many homeowners are choosing to go to their local gravel dealer when they build a new patio because gravel and crushed rock can be much less expensive than pavers. A 100 square foot patio could cost you $500 or more if you use pavers. A gravel dealer, on the other hand, will charge you closer to $100 for the gravel or crushed rock to build a patio that’s the same size.

Quicker and Easier

If you’re looking for a quick and easy DIY patio, using gravel as opposed to pavers or other materials might be your best bet. With pavers, you need to dig and level the ground. Then, you need to painstakingly lay each paver so that it’s spaced correctly, which can take a long time. Crushed gravel or rock doesn’t require as much precision because it conforms to the base it’s poured on. For someone without much experience, a gravel patio can be much easier to get right.

Looks Good

One of the best things about using gravel or rock for your patio is that it looks good even if a first-time DIY-er is doing the work. Gravel and rock can hide mistakes much better than a misplaced paver can. Gravel and rock can also look more natural in an outdoor setting than many other materials.

Lots of Options

If you install gravel or crushed rock patio, you might be surprised at the number of different options you have when it comes to size, color, and type of rock your gravel dealer offers. You can choose from pea gravel, river rock, marble chips, limestone, or even granite.

No Maintenance

Patios built from wood planks or stone pavers usually have to be power washed, stained, or painted frequently. Gravel patios, on the other hand, are virtually maintenance-free. You don’t have to worry about moss or mildew growing on it, and a leaf blower will get rid of any debris that catches. You may need to add more gravel over the years if yours gets kicked about too much, but adding a border can keep it in place longer.

Now that spring is near, you should consider what DIY outdoor projects you’d like to tackle. Installing a gravel or crushed rock patio can be inexpensive, quick and easy, attractive, and maintenance-free. It’s a project you can do yourself and one that will give you an outdoor space to enjoy for years to come.